Colibri Flarm for sale

An affordable set of Flarm + Display + ICG Logger

Whole package 2

Complete with all accessories, overhauled and calibrated by LXNavigation in June 2014!

Colibri Flarm Package includes:

  • Colibri Flarm unit (serial No DZ9 – 18117) with original antenna

Colibri Flarm

  • LX Navigation LED Display (mounted on 57mm adapter)

Flarm Display on 57mm mount

  • New GPS antenna

gps antenna 2

  • Cable to Connect Flarm to display

Flarm to Display Cable

  • Cable to connect Colibri to PC

PC Connection Cable for Colibri

  • Flarm firmware update cable for PC

PC Connection Cable for Flarm

  • June 2014 Calibration chart by LX Navigation

Calibration barogram

  • Cable to power the Colibri and the Flarm

Power cable Colibri

(price for the whole package when new was 1300EUR:

Supplimentary Accessories:

  • Module for connecting Colibri Flarm to Oudie or other PNA (also providing power to Colibri Flarm and PNA)

Connection and power cable to PNA 2

(price when new was 43EUR:
  • Original LXNavigation Colibri holder

Colibri Holder

  • Serial to USB adapter (for PC’s that no longer have serial port)

Serial USB adapter for PC

Price for the whole package: 550EUR (including transport)