Astir CS D-3810

 Astir CS – D3810 Prepared for transportation

 Canopy right side

canopy right

Cockpit interior

cockpit interiorTire – profile almost newcondition of tyres Turbulator + control seal on the stabilizer (elevator) – made by Streifendercontrol seal elevator (streifender)

Canopy left side: the crack is stable (it has been stable since I purchased the glider in 2010)

crack in canopy left side Turbulator band (dimple band) on lower side of the wing (as per Grob bulletin)dimple tape turbulator on lower surface of wing ESA Total Energy Probe with boxEsa probe and box Forward cargo compartment with netforward cargo compartment prepared for trip Fuselage left sidefuselage left Fuselage right sidefuselage right 2 Fuselage right side 2fuselage right Instrument panelinstrument panel Jaxida coversjaxida covers Control seal left wing (Streifender)left wing seal (streifender)
Left wingleft wingMicrophone new (replaced 2013)
microphone new Radioradio Reserve tyre (new) + document folderreserve wheel Right wing control seal (Streifender)right wing control seal (streifender)Right wing
right wing Turbulator + control seal rudder (Streifender)rudder control seal + turbulator (Streifender) Trailer – solar fansolar fan Locking system for stabilizerstabilizer locing system Stabilizerstabilizer Stickers on trailer…. 🙂stickers on trailer Tail dolly

tail dolly Tail skidtail skid Towing bartowing bar Electrical wiring – re-buildtrailer electrical wiring Trailer openedtrailer from back