How to Build A Custom Bagger Motorcycle

How to Build A Custom Bagger Motorcycle

Bagger motorcycles are currently some of the most desirable designs of motorcycle on the face of the earth. Bagger motorcycles get their name because they have been designed to carry luggage, which it does so via large compartments and saddlebags affixed to the rear of the motorcycle. Because of this, they’re ideal for road trips and overnight stays and for covering long distances. It is called a “bagger” because it carries bags. Baggers aren’t specific to just one brand of motorcycle either, although Harley Davidson’s and Honda baggers are both extremely well known amongst bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts. Buying a bagger can be expensive, especially if you go with popular brands such as Honda or Harley. A great way around this however, is to build a custom bagger yourself, especially as there are now some of the best bagger parts for Harley motorcycles that money can buy. Here is a guide on how to build a custom bagger.

Begin by choosing the saddlebags Saddlebags are an iconic and crucial part of any bagger motorcycle, because without them they simply wouldn’t be known as baggers. Take a look at the saddlebag specifications and take things from there. street fighter fairings Decide which style you’re going with. Will you be going with hard bags, soft bags, plain bags, slant box, round box, bolt ons, or throw over styles? Some of the best Harley parts for bagger bikes can be found via specialist aftermarket dealers, though make sure you go with a reputable company.

Think about practicality If you’re choosing to build a custom bagger, chances are that one of the reasons you’re doing so is because of the added luggage and grocery space that the bags will provide you with. When selecting which saddlebags to choose, think about what you’re putting into the bags. If you’re using heavy, rough, and abrasive items such as tools, harley sportster fairing you’ll want to avoid leather as the sharp edges could rip and tear the leather. If you’re mainly thinking of using the bags for when you do your weekly grocery shop however, soft leather bags could be the better choice. Of course go with what you like the look of, but think about the practicality of the bags as well.

Don’t forget the fairing As well as the saddlebags, there’s also the fairing to consider as well. Hondas for example, are famed for their stunning fairing kits available, but there are things to consider. For example, if you own a VTX with stereo, you’ll need a Honda VTX stereo fairing kit, otherwise you will have to cut, sand, paint, scrape, 2004 gsxr 600 fairing and who knows what else, until you’ve cut a shape in the fairing that will fit snug over your stereo, and could very well look pretty poor. Choosing a VTX Honda stereo fairing kit however, you know that the fairingwill fit where it’s supposed to.

If you’re looking for top of the range aftermarket parts for your motorcycle, Body Parts USA is the company for you. They stock a vast array of top of the range aftermarket parts and accessories using top of the range materials made in the USA by a team of passionate, highly skilled, highly experienced, and highly driven engineers. They cater for popular brands such as Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Ferrari, Range Rover, and much more on top of that. cbr 500 fairings

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